Prefabricated bathrooms for residential properties – KRD Group industry solutions

Individual prefabricated bathroom solutions for the construction of residential properties

Residential construction projects can benefit massively from the use of prefabricated bathrooms. The challenge of housing projects today is an efficient process in the implementation, which can be mitigated by the shortage of skilled workers. The use of prefabricated bathrooms prevents delays in the completion of sanitary facilities. Through individual planning, defined comfort standards can be realized in the planning process.

The time saving makes it possible for residential units to be completed early and ready for occupancy. Accordingly, living space can be created efficiently and returns can be achieved promptly.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Efficient project realization in the residential real estate sector
  • Optimization of the time factor in housing development
  • Optimization of manpower in the realization phase of construction projects

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